Allergy medicine for children – Paediatricians in Stratford/ London

Spring and summer are a wonderful time of year, the weather is warmer, the days are longer & everything is blooming. Your children are probably spending most of their free time outdoors. Outdoor activities can prove to be a challenge when your child is allergic to pollen that is coming off trees, grass and weeds.

How do our paediatricians explain allergies?

Our paediatricians at Stratford/London medical clinic describe an allergy as being an over-reaction of your child’s immune system. This reaction causes inflammation and the your body releases histamines. The result of that is your child will start sneezing, sniffling, congestion, itchy eyes, coughing along with other symptoms.

What can you do as a parent before you come a visit our paediatricians in our London medical clinic?

There are three things you can do as parent before bringing down your child to visit our doctors at our private medical clinic. The first thing you can do is reduce exposure. You purchase an air purifier that will help clean the air inside your home because it can be just as bad as outdoors. Remember that there are things inside your home that trap dust, pollen etc. Vacuuming and cleaning your home can also help reduce your child’s allergic reaction. Additionally, perhaps limit your child’s time outside. The next you can do is try to relieve symptoms using natural methods as providing your child with more fruits and vegetables. Dark greens and berries help to reduce inflammation. Also, provide your child with vitamin C because it will boost your child’s immune system. Vitamin C will also help breakdown histamines that are developing due to the allergic reaction. If your child has itchy eyes, you can also apply wet, and cool chamomile tea bags on his or her eyes. The third and last thing you can do as a parent is boost, strengthen and balance their immune system. Making sure that your child has all the vitamins that he or she needs such as probiotics, omega 3 fats, vitamin D3 and many others. This will also help the immune system function properly and reduce inflammation, thus reducing the allergic reaction.

What will our paediatrician do to help your child with allergies?

Our paediatricians will first diagnosis what exactly your child is allergic too, in order to better treat the symptoms. Additionally, this will help you and your child reduce exposure to the allergen in the future. The next thing that our paediatrician will do is prescribe child friendly anti-histamines to reduce your child’s allergic reaction. Additionally, our child health specialists will also suggest some multi-vitamins in order to balance your child’s immune system.

How much does a visit to our paediatrician cost?

Check out our price-list to see how much a visit to our child paediatrician in our Stratford/ London paediatrician clinic will cost.

Where are our medical health clinics located?

We have a medical health clinic in London, North London and in Stratford.

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