Check ups in medical clinic in Stratford London

At St. Mary’s Medical Centre in London our GPs offer you all major check ups for adults, adolescents, but also children, toddlers and babies. We provide thorough and professional medical care and thorough tests as well as medical check-ups in order to give you the certainty that you and your family are well. Our medical clinic in Stratford was founded in 2012 and specialises in a variety of medical treatments for all kinds of patients: from toddlers to adults and elderly people. We can easily diagnose pain sources, help with urology-related issues, dermatology, general surgery, physiotherapy and many others.

We are glad you decided to let us take care of you and your family. We’ll do our best to deliver the best possible healthcare and customer service to you! In out staff you will find professional paediatritians, gynaecologists, general GPs and many other highly-skilled specialists with professional experience.