General Practitioners Stratford – GP in private London clinic

Most of us when we think about doctors we think of our family doctor, or doctor of first contact. This doctor generally is a general practitioner and they do not specialise in any given field in medicine, on the contrary they can help you with pretty much any health problem or concern that you may have.

Our medical clinic was founded in 2012 and specialises in medical fields such as: massage therapy, paediatrics, dermatology, pain treatment, general surgery and much more.

What can a general practitioner help me with?

General practitioner’s are able to help out patients from a variety of health issues. From a simple cold to diagnosing serious illnesses such as cancer. Some services that your GP will provide are filling out and writing out prescriptions. Additionally, they can refer you to the hospital or a medical specialist. They offer consultations, vaccinations, and issue an official statement of fitness for work.

How much will a visit to a GP cost me at St. Mary’s Med London clinic?

To find out how much a visit with our general practitioner in Stratford clinic check out our price-list our give us a call.

When do I book an appointment to my GP?

If you are not feeling well or feeling poorly, this is the best time to call your general practitioner in Stratford. You can book your appoint via phone and in some cases you can even book online. The waiting time for an appointment varies from clinic to clinic. However if you are in urgent need to see your GP you may be able to have an appointment on that very same day. You can also book an appointment with your GP if you want to have your annual health check up – this includes a physical exam and lab tests.

Where are our medical health clinics located?

We have a medical health clinic in London, North London and in Stratford.

Call us today to book an appointment with our general practitioner in our private London St.Mary’s med health clinic.