Paediatrics in Stratford/London clinic – summer with kids

Summer time is great time for kids to relax from their everyday school routine. The warm weather is great for all types of summer activities such as biking, hiking, swimming, going on a picnic and so much more. Most parents tried to be prepared for every situation that could occur during a summer outing with their family, however accidents can still occur. Something as simple as going for a bike ride around the neighbourhood could become a disaster if your child falls off his or her bike. Most of the time your child will walk away with a few scrapes and bruises but other times it can be a lot worse. There are many things can happen when you and your family are enjoying some fun in the sun. Our paediatricians in Stratford always recommend that if something goes wrong or if you are worried about your child it is also best to come into our paediatric clinic in London and have him or her checked out. When it comes to your child’s health it is better to be safe than sorry.

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What are some kids games to play in the sun?

There are many activities that your child can par take in during the summer, they can go biking, swimming, they can go play on the playground and so much more. Your child may also be signed up in summer sports such as football or baseball. All of these activities are great in keeping your child active and avoiding the habit of a sedentary lifestyle during the summer period. However, as parents you want to keep in mind that kids games are great, your child needs a balance, Our paediatricians and child health specialists will tell you that your child still needs a proper breakfast, time for play and time for rest. Sometimes during the summer we forget to provide our kids with balance leading to child health problems.

What are some simple ways for your child to stay safe while out and about in the sun?

The sun is great, it provides our children with vitamin D that helps their bones grow and stay nice and strong. Not only that but vitamin D also enhances our mood and helps regulate other vitamins that are absorbed by our bodies. There is no reason for your child to avoid the sun while outside, however there are some precautions that will keep your child safe. Children’s paediatricians will recommend that if your child is outside between the hours of 10am and 4pm when the sun is at its strongest, it is best to apply sunscreen filter of minimum 30. Paediatrics recommend to reapply your child’s sunscreen every 2 or 3 hours it does not last all day. If you have an infant it is best to cover them up, by dressing them in a thin long sleeve shirt and pants. In some situations its better your child be warm then sunburned. Another suitable option is an umbrella attached to their stroller will also protect them from the sun. All of these tips will protect your child’s skin from getting a nasty sunburn. Sunburns not only hurt but can cause blisters and other unpleasant side effects. If the sunburn is server enough it can develop blisters, these blisters will need to be seen by a child paediatrician in Stratford/London. Another, keep tip is make sure that your child is wearing a hat on their head. The hat will also minimise sun exposure. If your little one is busy playing in the sun make sure he or she is getting enough water. It is better to drink some water before they are thirsty to help keep them hydrated. Once your child is dehydrated, you have to bring them in to see our paediatrician, especially if they develop a fever. The most common health problem in the summer time is heat exhaustion. This can come on suddenly and it is usually characterised in children by feelings of weakness, tiredness, and just overall warmth.

How much does a visit to the paediatrician cost?

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Where are our medical health clinics located?

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