Dermatologist London – dermatology clinic in Stratford

Skin disorders have been an object of interest of doctors since ancient times. Those clearly visible to a naked eye became were subjected to inquiries of roman and greek physicians. During the epidemics of leprosy and plague evaluation of skin was of particular importance. Early detection of alterations occurring in acute infectious diseases would have been crucial for the survival of the entire populace. Nevertheless it took centuries for the discipline of dermatology to develop with its separate investigative techniques and independent studies. Only the inception of pathological anatomy and the broad use of a microscope opened the door for dermatology as a modern medical discipline.

St. Mary’s Medical Centre offers:

-diagnostics and treatment of skin and nail diseases
-diagnostics and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases
-dermatoscopic evaluation of skin lesions

Furthermore, if the patient wishes, St. Mary’s Medical Centre provides Chaperone during examination.