General surgery London – surgeon in Stratford

St. Mary’s Medical Centre offers their patients full diagnostic programme and professional consultations in General Surgery and Proctology areas. 

Surgery has its roots in the ancient and even prehistoric times with archaeological evidence of successful trepanation procedures dating back to 6500 BC. Surgery has been developing ever since then, having its most rapid growth in the last 150 years. The work of surgeons provided us with advanced prophylactic, diagnostic and treatment methods.

St. Mary’s offers its patients full diagnostics and professional consultations in the field of general surgery and proctology:

– Pathological skin changes (moles, marks, warts, scars, bumps and nodules)
– Cutting ingrown nails
– Abscesses
– Removal of haemorrhoids
– Histopathological examinations

Furthermore, if the patient wishes, St. Mary’s Medical Centre provides Chaperone during examination.