Orthopaedic doctor in London – orthopedist Stratford

The role of Orthopaedics is to examine, diagnose, and surgically treat musculoskeletal diseases and injuries.

Furthermore, the Orthopaedics determines which instruments and method of treatment will be most successful in achieving desired outcome.

St. Mary’s Medical Centre offers:

– Consultation

– Musculoskeletal ultrasound
– Drug delivery (lidocaine, steroid preparations)

– Treatment of musculoskeletal system:
– Acute and chronic pain

– Lower back pain
– Knee pain
– Tennis elbow
– Painful shoulder syndrome
– Carpal tunnel syndrome

And specific for children:
– Screening for developmental dysplasia
– Screening for scoliosis
– Flexible flatfoot and other congenital foot disorder
– Deformities of the extremities