Paediatrician in Stratford – Private paediatric care centre London

Paediatrics – [gr. ‘pais’ – child. ‘iatreia’ – treatment] is a branch of theoretical and clinical medicine, dealing with health issues that face children; it concerns itself with somatic and psychological disorders from the moment of birth until reaching maturity. The interest in the diseases of childhood dates back to ancient time, however for centuries paediatrics was developing merely as a part of internal diseases and obstetrics. The rise of paediatric knowledge took place in the XVII century, allowing the discipline to differentiate itself around the XIX century during the lifetime of Abraham Jacobi, widely considered as the father of this discipline.

Our clinic offers:

– Regular, detailed check-ups on newborns and children alike
– Diagnostics
– Prescriptions
– Referrals to specialists and hospital consultations
– Referrals to laboratory tests and examination of their results